The statement for ‘DUSHEVNY BAZAR 2013’

The statement for ‘DUSHEVNY BAZAR 2013’

The statement of expenses and revenue for the charity fair ‘DUSHEVNY BAZAR 2013’

Our organization has raised 70,140 rubles at the fair. The money was spent on organizing the winter camp from February 25 to March 4 2014, and boarding in the recreation center Sorochyany, a few kilometers from Moscow.

Twenty children and graduates from specialized orphanage №4 went to the camp.

Children were learning to snowboard, to ski and skate; many of them had never tried such sports before.

The winter camp is aimed at the senior pupils, who will soon enter into a responsible life, and recent graduates. Guys learnt to cook, washed dishes, always helped the adults.

Together we painted a big collective picture, played “The Wolf and The Seven Little Kids”, “The Wise Men of Chelm” and “Little Red Riding Hood”,played some theatre and board games.

We thank all organizers of the fair and all those who donated money and helped to arrange this unforgettable camp for the children.