Not so long ago Charitable Foundation Pelican acquired it’s own minibus, which means that more children will now have opportunity to come to our studio and study arts, and, what’s no less important, we be able to do more travelling!
Well, the thirst journey of our graduates on the new bus was a success!


On the 2nd of August we had an unforgettable walk around the Tverskoy boulevard and nearby lanes with the young people from psychoneurological institution N11. It was a real journey for them!


On the 4th of August our students from the psychoneurological institution N16 attended a multimedia exhibition “Wonders of Russia” at the State Historical Museum


From 15 to 29 July Maria’s Children traditional (19th) Summer camp “Our Family” took place. Children from the Family Care Assistance Center “Yunona” (Moscow), children’s home “Solnyshko” (Filimonki settlement) and children’s home of Mozdok (North Ossetia), as well as 5 children from psychoneurological institution, spent two weeks, full of bright events, love and care, at the Sorochany Resort in the Moscow region. Volunteers from Moscow, Beslan, Mexico and USA joined our team to make these days unforgettable and fill the kids and each other with warmth and joy for the year to come.


On 27 of July a big picnic for young people from the psychoneurological institution N16 and foreign students was arranged at the Moscow State Museum-Reserve Kolomenskoe.


On 26 July a group of people from the psychoneurological institution N16 visited the Moscow Zoo.


On 22 June our volunteers and staff members took part in the traditional “Memory Watch” dedicated to victims of the Great Patriotic War.


Today a group of young adults from the psychoneurological institution №11, our artists and volunteers went to the Prioksko-Terrasny State Biosphere Nature Reserve.


The first summer day in Moscow was full of events devoted to the Children’s Day. In the Tverskoy district it was celebrated at the Miussy Square, in front on the Youth’s Art Center.


On the 24th of May young adults from the psychoneurological institution №11 took part in the plein air at the “Kuskovo” manor.