The wall painting project continues! Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and boarding schools are closed for quarantine. That's why our team of artists and volunteers paint special panels. 


On August 14, we held an educational event for children from the English summer camp on the basis of the English school "Magic Castle". Our colleagues told the young listeners in English about orphans, life in orphanages and about the help of the "Maria's Children" charitable foundation. During the conversation, the students sincerely empathized and talked about how they could help the children.


We have great news! We became laureates of the open competition “EU Solidarity with Russian Civil Society: Helping Elderly People and Adults with Disabilities”.We would like to thank the CAF Russia Foundation and the Delegation of the European Union to Russia for the opportunity to participate in the competition and receive support for our programs. The grant funds will be used to help people with disabilities return to their normal lives in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences.