Our traditional January trip to Beslan took place. It became possible thanks to S7 Air Company which provided us once again with free tickets to Vladikavkaz and back. During these five days we met new friends, saw old ones, recollected past events. During these five days we put up a show, visited an orphanage and a boarding school.

This was our 3rd trip to North Ossetia. This time the show for junior school was based on Ossetic fairy tale “How the son of mouse got married». The pupils from grade 6th and 2nd participated in the show. The producer was our volunteer Irina Baranova, who used to lead training on fairy tales therapy for children from our studio. Children had an opportunity to participate not only as actors but also as set designers, costume designers, maker-ups and musicians. Studio graduates and volunteers were in charge for each workshop. There were 10 people altogether who participated in the trip.

True to our good tradition we visited Raduga boarding school in Beslan together with school children. We visited again Khury Tyn orphanage in Vladikavkaz, where we had painted a big wall in the hall during our previous visits. Our two clown trips were very successful. It made us feel very good that children were thinking of us and looking forward to our arrival. 

This trip was noted by its special homelike atmosphere thanks to Nadezhda Gurieva who received us all at her place, where we stayed as one big family; to Vissarion Asseyev who accompanied us and many other friends who supported us.

We are very thankful to the school administration and to school Principal Ludmila P. Dzutseva for trusting us.

Photos by Oksana Yushko