From January 28 till February 2 we went on our traditional trip (the 4th one) to Beslan and Vladikavkaz. We were clowning in the  “Raduga” (Rainbow) boarding-school, Beslan and at the  Khury Tyn orphanage, Vladikavkaz. We also painted a wall in Raduga boarding-school and spent some time with our dear friends from the school in the Komintern street, they are in the 7th grade now. 

The trip was funded by UNICEF as well as from charitable funds collected at the New Year Fair. Nadezhda I. Guriyeva played host to our boisterous team and we are very grateful to her. Our grateful thanks also to school administration and personally to Ludmila P. Dzutseva, school principal and Olga V. Vlaskina, the teacher of the 7th grade for their hospitality, also to Vissarion Asseyev for his assistance.

After our arrival on January 28 we went to Raduga boarding-school and were clowning there for about two hours, Vanya Antonov and Masha Zemlinskaya were playing with children in a big circle, Sona Stepanyan, Ira Baranova and Zhenya Mayatskaya were putting on make up.

Oksana Yushko and Sergey Korolev were taking pictures of all the events in order to make a surprise for children afterwards.

The next day we were busy decorating a wall in the game room. A huge panel with flying islands will gladden children and remind them of our cooperative work.

On the same day we had a clowning visit to the orphanage Khury Tyn, Vladikavkaz, where we always receive a very warm welcome.

Saturday and Sunday we spent with our dear friends from school #1. Ira Baranova was leading a very interesting training. After lunch with traditional Ossetic pies there was a workshop on painting candle-sticks made of glass. We were sharing the candle-sticks passing them around and enjoying them.

On Sunday morning children made a colorful picture on the bamboo basis with photos made at the boarding-school Raduga and gave it to them as a present. After lunch we had fun out-of-doors sleighing in the snow. In the evening we celebrated Nadya Varaksina’s birthday.

On Monday we gave our picture to Raduga, brought flowers to the old school building and to the memorial and were ready to fly back home, but unfortunately the sudden fog that covered the town and airport prevented us from doing it.

We had to come back to Nadya Guriyeva and had some useful time of training with Ira for evaluation of our trip. Thank you, our wonderful volunteers for participating in the trip! Thank you, Ira Baranova, Vanya Antonov, Ruslan Lartsev, Masha Zemlinskaya, Zhenya Mayatskaya, Pasha Avdoshin, Andrey Nikitayev, Bella Shakhmirzova, Kristina Cherenkova, Zhanna Novikova, Oxana Yushko, Nadya Varaksina and Petya Baranov, our youngest volunteer!