Summer Camp 2008

Summer Camp 2008

The traditional summer camp on Lake Seliger took place from July 24 till August 3. 

About 50 children from both Moscow Boarding Schools#4 and #28 and Beslan School #1 participated in “Our Family – 2008”. 

We are overwhelmed by unforgettable impressions and gratitude to those who helped us to sponsor and organize the camp.

THANK YOU to the administrative board of Tverskoy municipality, to TBB Leasing Company and personally Mr.Zakhovayev, General Director, toRussian Children Aid Society, to Renova Company, to CAF and to Pricewaterhouse Coopers for financial support; thank you to DHL Company for cargo transport, to Danone Company for delicious yoghurt, to Coca-Cola Company for drinks provided, to Moscow Committee on Public Relations for other delicatessen, to Build-a-Bear Company for children’s toys, to Europa Plus radio station for sport equipment, to Planeta Fitness club manager Natalia Kravchenko for toiletry for the spa-party, to Rosinter Company for scout guider Vyacheslav Chernykh


THANK YOU to our wonderful volunteers who gave our children so much joy.

In the morning we had workshops and every child could choose activities he liked. 

We were taught painting and water-coloring, how to mould out of clay and dance, to make pasty and mosaic, to carve wooden spoons and decorate boxes, to make and fly kites. We were singing songs, reading fairy tales and even had a tree house built.

Children stayed with families (Elephant Family, Zebra Family, Lion Family and Giraffe Family). 

The whole family was going to the lake for swimming and boating, was drawing their family tree and painting T-shirts, was producing plays and making films, clowning and treasure hunting, dancing at disco and trying archery.

In the evenings everybody got together for a domestic cup of tea with a candlelight and a chat, to reflect on the day, to dream of the future and to feel like a united family.

Zhanna Novikova,


— Just at this camp and in this family I realized what family is all about, what it is responsible for, what it should do and give, because I myself became a part of it. I have never had such deep understanding before. I had a chance to see it all from a different point of view.

Tatyana Golovkina:

— For children camp activities are such bright spots they remember for the rest of their lives. Childhood impressions are the most memorable ones. I think it is good to give them such pleasant memories.

Polina Proskurina-Yanovich:

— In spite of the cold and constant rain, we managed to provide children with 10 days of an interesting diverting life. It was proved by their drawings I was sorting out for the exhibition, they drew them during the camp time. I was struck by their wonderful colorful works sometimes rather complex in realization made in such a short time. Children enjoyed the exhibition of their works available for everyone to admire. I am so glad for the children as well as for us, adults.