Summer Camp 2010

Summer Camp 2010

On July 14 - 24 the summer camp Our Family took place.

This year we have stayed in Sorochany near the town of Dmitrov, Moscow Region. In winter this place is a famous ski resort and we used to take children here to learn skiing and snowboarding.

That’s how we met friendly and kind people who work in Sorochany and we are very grateful to them.

The management of the hotel complex provided us with accommodation at a discount which allowed us to bring for our summer camp 20 children from orphanage # 28 to stay in this comfortable place.

It was the only opportunity for these children to leave Moscow in such hot summer and they were absolutely happy.

The main enjoyment in the heat was bathing. 

We were bathing in the pond every day and twice went to the Iksha reservoir to ride sailboard and “banana”.

Besides, we had Alexander Shishov with us who was our good friend and a professional musician.

So every morning after breakfast we had our “African band” playing and every night we were singing to a guitar. By the end of the evening shy children who were just sitting on their seats were dancing and enjoying themselves.

We prepared two shows: on Russian fairy-tale “Turnip” and “A Tale about a Fisherman and a Fish” by Pushkin. After the first show children treated themselves to a real turnip.

Under the leadership of Maria and Ruslan we painted a big collective picture on our time in Sorochany. 

With Tamara Naumova children modeled with clay and plaster,

with Olya Muravieva they learned to cook sushi,

with Oksana and Alexey Kapralov they made mosaics,

with Sasha Shishov and Anton tried fishing,

with Kyrill learned to take pictures and with our driver Victor to play sport games. Children helped the adults with cooking. There were also board games and telling stories at bedtime.

Also there was barbecue, corn flakes for breakfast, kvass and juice and other tasty things to enjoy. 

Last day teachers Ludmila, Svetlana and Alexander with some senior pupils prepared some happening for the younger ones, and Sorochany management provided ice-cream for children.

It was sad to say good-bye, but now, when together, we can share wonderful memories of our time in Sorochany.

Thank you, all our volunteers for making this holiday time wonderful, unforgettable and delicious.

We are thankful for funding to: UNISEF, Dar (Gift) Foundation, Chance-for-Life charitable organization and personally Olga Makharenskaya, Karina Boldry and Elena Ragozhina, Olga Muravieva and her friends, Tatiana Tarasova. Thank you, Sorochany management and personally Irina Statirskaya. Our grateful thanks for cooperation to teachers and managers of the orphanage #28 and personally to its principal V.F.Priculse.