Winter Holidays 2014

Winter Holidays 2014

From 25 February to 4 March our traditional winter holidays in Sorochany took place.

19 students and several recent graduates from the orphanage №4 mastered skills of snowboarding, mountain skiing and skating. Besides that, we drew a huge picture, played table games, learnt to cook, washed dishes. Our improvised “Theatre from Wheels” performed two plays – “A Wolf and Seven Goatlings” and “Little Red Riding-hood”. Moreover, we drew and presented a “live cartoon” based on a series of rhymes by OvseiDrease “The Wisemen of Helom”.

We thank all those who helped us raise money at “Dushevny Bazaar” and other Christmas fares.

We express deep gratitude to the administration of the “Sorochany” resort – our permanent partners and friends – for discounts and high level of service.

Thank you, our dear volunteers for helping us at the camp: Vanya Antonov, Alexander Kolmanovsky, Masha Orlova, Pasha Novichkov, Sasha Saiko, Alexey Yuzapolsky.

Photo by Serezha Korolev, Yulia Loseva.

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