Our friends say about us

Our friends say about us

Rostislav Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco 

President, Rostik Group

We are very lucky to be able to join Maria in her passionate journey:she finds kids in need in orphanages, she surrounds them with love and care, and most importantly she devotes the most precious things she has: her TIME and COMMITMENT to raise them and help them create for themselves a respectable future.

By joining her we contribute the best of ourselves and together we can help multiply her efforts.

Maria, Thank you!

Elena Ivashentseva

Senior Partner, Baring Vostok Capital Partners

The Maria’s Children Studio brings the best possible gift to those less fortunate – the gift of opportunity. They don’t just try to solve various problems but teach these children more about life, the world and themselves and they also discover the wonderful talents that each child has. The children grow up to be more successful and accomplished adults and they come back to the studio to help the new generation of Maria’s children. It is wonderful to see this circle of friendship and support grow every year. I am very grateful to Maria and everyone in the studio for the chance to meet the amazing current and former pupils and for the opportunity to help.

Yulia Chupina

Deputy CEO, VTB Bank

There are people who mark your life and the way you look at the world. For me Maria Yeliseyeva is an example of such an inspirational person - a mother with a heart big enough to love all the children she has in the family; a woman who could not stand the thought that so many children in Russian orphanages are deprived of a chance to be creative, to feel loved and to have a place where they feel at home; a leader of one of the most successful charities in Russia who mobilises all of us not to forget about this noble cause; a humble person who to the question “where do you find strength and energy” answers – “it just comes”. For me it is a privilege to help a little bit and invite everybody to support "Maria's children"

Mr. Wi Sung-Lac 

Ambassador of the Republic of Korea

Maria's Children Charity Ball has been one of the highlights during my two years in Moscow. First of all, I was deeply touched by the good intentions and donations of Maria and her family. I could feel at once that everyone who had gathered that night was overflowing with warmth and good will to help children in difficult circumstances. I emphasize the work and enthusiasm of the organizers, those who have successfully implemented such a serious and meaningful thing in such a lovely atmosphere. When Patch Adams, the auctioneer, joking all the time and creating a lively atmosphere, shared that he had also been orphaned, during the war, I was deeply touched. Since that day I decided to sign my New Year greetings on cards made only by “Maria’s Children”.

Maria Chertok 

CEO of CAF Russia

Maria’s Children is an organization which very organically combines a great love for children with real professionalism. There are also wonderful people who work there and with whom it's a pleasure to communicate with, a great creative atmosphere reigns.

Roland Nash

Chief Investment Strategist, Verno Investment Management Limited

Maria's Children provides direct, hands-on help to some of Russia's most vulnerable children. By providing a safe environment and personal attention to hundreds of children, Maria and her charity are able to offer a lifeline of hope out of an otherwise institutionalized existence. The difference I have seen Maria's Children make to so many lives over the past 8 years has been tremendous. Every penny goes directly to where it is most needed.

Olga Makharinskaia and Karina Baldry

CEOs, “Chance for Life” charity organization

Organisers of Maria’s Children’s trips to England

It is always a very special event for us when children from the boarding school №4 travel to London. It is an inspiring experience for the hosting families as well and we are delighted to see the children mature and become more confident.

This year the children traveled to Stratford to prepare for the participation in The Shakespeare Festival held there.

Behind all of this there is an enormous love and care coming from Maria's heart. Maria has a natural gift to attract like-minded people into her team. All of the creative and interesting activities she does with the children contribute a great deal to their education and lay a foundation for their future lives.

Well done, Maria and her Team!We wish you all the best with your future projects

Katerina Cronstedt

Katerina City & Katerina Park hotels, Katerina's Matkassar

Carl Cronstedt

Country Manager, English First

Through our own experience we see the great effect the art studio has on the children’s lives. We look forward to cooperating with and supporting the studio for many years to come.Together we can really change the world we live in. Let's not be passive - let's act!

Support Maria's Children today!

Arkady Volozh

Director General of Yandex

I have personal reasons to support Maria’s Children. Maria and Ilia are friends of mine. They support kids, and I support them.

Vladimir Lechtman 

Partner-in-Charge of Jones Day's Moscow Office

To me Maria's Children is a bright ray of light which penetrates through the walls of disadvantage, indifference and prejudice. It lights up the lives of children who need it most and reveals their incredible gifts. The children amplify this light and reflect it on us through their beautiful art and smiles.

Lucy Liu 

American actress

"Maria's Children” is a genuine diamond in the city center of Moscow, it is the place where children from different orphanages come and they can be themselves here. Although I don’t speak Russian I have felt a deep connection with them. They were very open and its what I highly appreciate in children. I know these children fell into good hands. It means they will never be taught discrimination and hate.

Alexander Kolmanovsky


Maria’s Children is one of the most high-quality well-wishing studios that I’ve ever known. It is merry, loud, and crowded here. Everyone is busy with whatever, yet occupied with the children. Ceramics, music, art, clowning around, field trips, performances, appearances in hospitals… Payment for medical treatment, surgery, trips and equipment purchase. Those that do not take part in this ebullient life can help it nonetheless via monetary contributions.This is very important for the staff, volunteers and Maria’s children - to know that well-to-do people are not indifferent to them!

Mikhail Maslov

Director of the Filimonki orphanage.

Maria's Children Art Center is a place, where children from our orphanage always look forward to going. Lots of developing programmes which enable them to feel what it's like to be artists, sculptors and just creative people, give a strong boost to their overall development. However, they visit Maria's Children Art Center not as often as they visit Maria herself. Kindness of Maria's heart and incredible love that she gives to the children is beyond words! While they are there it is like they have a real mother who gives you a warm hug and a kiss, listens to you attentively... Whatever she said, it is really hard to raise and simply to love "someone else's" children that you have to give all your heart to. This auction gives you an opportunity to help Maria in her good cause and to become one of those who are not indifferent to the future of children in need.

Hannes Chopra

CEO, Sberbank Insurance.

Dear Friends of Maria and Maria’s Children! If I was asked to choose one and only organization in our country that deserves unconditional support, it would undoubtedly be Maria’s Children. Why? Just because Maria does the greatest thing in the world: she heals with her love and gives an “emotional refuge”. Maria and her wonderful team built a family, a real nest in which a big heart is living and where there is no place to borders and exclusions. This home is open to everyone and we are very grateful for the opportunity to be its part.

Julia Bogdanova

CSR manager, KPMG.

We help the Studio because the highly experienced people who work there know how to encourage even the most “difficult” children to create and not to fear! 

Johanna Kirchhoff-Schierer 

& Martin Schierer

CEO, Otto Group Russia.

We met Maria Eliseeva only one year ago at our first Maria´s Children ball. It was a live changing experience. Meeting her and being part of this fairy tale just for one evening was inspiring and touching. Since that day we volunteer at her studio and share amazing hours with the kids. We feel us as a part of a very big and happy family. Through Maria´s Children we learned a live lesson: love is the best investment; the more you give, the more you get back in return! 

Timur Vedernikov

musician, composer, actor, producer.

To me, Maria’s Children is concentration of love and, of course, Maria is its main source. Life springs around her with dozens of bright colors, and in this life there is a place both for the children in her care, friends and…even for fabulous Patch Adams! I’m really happy to find myself in Maria’s team and always ready to help. Though, it’s a big question who helps more – we help Maria’s Children or Maria’s Children help us – help to become better and fairer!