During school spring holidays 10 children from the boarding school #4 visited London, where they have been staying with the families of our English friends for a week. Those were Russian speaking families so no language barrier appeared.

We are very grateful to all families who received our children and to Olga Makharinskaya and Elena Ragozhina who organized the trip. Financial support was provided by Chance for Life Fund. We hope that this is the beginning of a firm friendship.

The participants of the trip speak:

Maria Trubenko, 

Deputy Director of education of the boarding school #4:

Spring holidays for our children became really unforgettable. It was very educational for them to be introduced to the culture and customs of the Great Britain, to sightsee and take part in interactive tours and tours of London.

According to teachers of our boarding school, the most valuable experience for our children was their stay with a family, because most of them never had such experience and relevant practical skills.

The positive results of the trip are the following: children value the new connections, became more independent, have got an idea of quality relationships within the family; many of them made the decision to learn English.

Alexander Shishov, 


The series of 6 mini-performances were prepared for our London trip in spring.

The show took place in the hospitable house of Leonid and Olga Makharinskiy and children worried before the show; they wanted to do their best in front of the audience, consisted of their new friends – families they stayed with. The show went successfully, the actors were happy.

I am very grateful to those who organized and supported the trip which was a real treat for these boys and girls. It was very important for them to feel that they were needed and interesting for successful and wealthy people, and this interest was genuine.

I am sure that this valuable experience will assist deprived children in the difficult process of turning into good adults.

Nataliya Kolmanovskaya, 

psychologist, volunteer:

The well arranged program allowed children to enjoy educational activities in an accessible form. They learned new notions of life they have never come across before: a different state and economical structure, monarchy and succession to the throne, a different religious system, a different geography… The children softened in the family atmosphere, where they got the individual attention and care of the family members. I am very thankful to organizers of the program who did their best and became sincerely attached to children. Thank you for the opportunity to be introduced to a great culture!

Alina Bayramova, 

the 7th grader:

It was my first flight and I liked it very much. I liked sightseeing, my room and my parents. I liked going out for dinner to Chinese restaurants. Also I took part in the performance and went to the park with Nicka. It was great!

Olya Yermakova, 

the 7th grader:

Most of all I liked the observation wheel. I could see the whole England from there. On Saturday we went to the park with our parents and there were swans and ducks on the water. We were feeding squirrels and doves there. I liked being in England. I would like to go there again.