Italian Holidays

Italian Holidays

Michela and Masha

Michela Bolognani

our Italian volunteer: 

In 2008 we launched an Italian project “Buratino goes to Italy”. We were so inspired by finding so much in common between the fairy tales “Buratino” and “Pinoccio” that decided to make a performance together with seven children from the orphanage #4 and went on tour to Florence and Lekko (the North of Italy).

And we found so many friends there! Families who hosted us in Lekko immediately registered a non-commercial organization MIR “Amici dei bambini di Maria" ONLUS (MIR - Friends of “Maria’s Children”) in order to annually invite the children to stay with them during their holidays. From then on each year our children from the orphanage №4 return to their Italian families again and again.