The summer trip to Italy was like a small life full of joys, some sorrows, difficulties to overcome and, of course, help to L'Aquila city suffered from the earthquake in April 2009. We always try to include as many events as possible to a several-day travel. We admire the beauty of nature, study architectural monuments, get acquainted with interesting people and meet old friends, conduct various workshops, and go in for sports. We take materials for painting on canvas and walls to make the world brighter, sharing joy and warmth with others.

Grownup children of Beslan, volunteers and friends of the studio are sharing their impressions about the journey in June 2015.


This summer, I was invited to Italy with my mate graduates of our school! We really enjoyed this travel! Italy fascinated us with beautiful landscapes, hot sun and cheerful people. We flew to Sardinia. It was one of the most magnificent days in my life. Fabio, the surfing coach who instantly became our friend, conducted lessons for us with enthusiasm and passion, shared his experience and good mood! Now we can surf! And beautiful Narina taught us cooking some traditional Italian dishes! Every day we learned drawing and painting. It's so great to sit on the seashore painting with oil! We were also joined by the children who had their holidays in the same village. We learned a lot together! And in the evenings we had Italian-Russian parties! We cooked Italian dishes and kebabs, tried Italian dances and performed our Ossetian honga! So we had a lot of fun!


From sunny Sardinia, we moved to L'Aquila among the mountains. This city left us with indelible impressions. It continues to live, like Phoenix that rose from the ashes. Inhabitants of this city are living despite all troubles! We painted the walls in a children's basketball school there. I do hope that very soon this city will become as bright, positive and alive as our paintings! And I wish all the best to our new friends in L'Aquila! Grazie!


The city of L'Aquila impressed me very much. Especially the people who live there. They showed me by their own example that, no matter how hard and unhappy life seemed, there must always be a place for good deeds. I hope that these incredible men we met will never feel unhappy in their life, and all their kindness will return to them!


I really enjoyed our journey to Italy! The surfing lessons with smiling Fabio are unforgettable! And so are the beautiful views of sunny Sardinia! Then we went to L'Aquila. In the basketball school in L'Aquila we were lucky to meet amazing athletes and even had a training with a professional coach! It was a great honor for me as a basketball player! L'Aquila is full of interesting and strong people, who did not break under the troubles. And you can learn a lot from such people! And after that we went to Rome. When I visited this city in 2005 I was a child. And this time I had a different look on it. Now Rome, with the air of multiple eras, is one of my favorite cities! It's so fascinating! And then it was time to go home. We will keep these feelings in our hearts and maintain the friendship between us and the wonderful people we met in Italy!


This trip to Italy will be remembered for a lifetime because of a warm, sunny mood and plenty of positive emotions!Sardinia, L'Aquila, Rome.Wonderful Sardinia. I've never seen a sea like that! And surfing in such place used to be only a dream to me... But Maria's Children and Pelikan Fund made this dream come true.
L'Aquila is the place where strong people live. They found the strength to help others after the tragedy. Vincenzo and Massimo were very kind, attentive, sincere, adoring children. They expressed their feelings in Italian so clearly that I understood everything without learning this language... New acquaintances, the wall painting workshop in the sports school, ancient buildings, unforgettable Castella, warm evenings and shared emotions — all this is a small part of what this journey left in our memory and our hearts. And the last evening in Rome was pure magic! Thank you so much for this! Love all the volunteers of Maria's Children and Pelikan.