Weekend trainings

Weekend trainings

To strengthen the bond between studio teachers, volunteers, and children in the studio we often spend weekends in a training retreat outside of Moscow. We invite psychologists, children from boarding school and their teachers, to take part in small projects and training activities.

The younger kids participate in theater games, art activities, singing and storytelling that are designed to be therapeutic and help them develop healthy relationships and to better function as a group. We put on plays, swim in the pool, ride horses, play soccer, and have juggling classes. The older children participate as teacher assistants gaining valuable leadership skills.

Our studio helpers also share experiences with the boarding school teachers, consulting with them about the special needs of children in their care. We invite them to take part in our games to learn our unique methods and techniques.

The weekend retreat is a special opportunity to spend time socializing with children and nature; growing closer as an organization and honing our skills in a safe and focused environment. These special days are unforgettable to all who participate.

The participants can tell you themselves:

Lyosha Stroev,

Graduate of the orphanage, now is working at Maria's Children:

“It is important for the kids who are in orphanages. If they will often go out to trainings with psychologist they will understand life better. When they will leave the orphanage they will be better prepared.”

Masha Tatieva,

a child from boarding school:

"I like in seminars what time we go to bed and don’t like how older kids wake us up in the morning. I feel like I am in a home. When I am older I will not wake up early. Also in seminars the food is delicious. It was not interesting to me to sleep with the kids from the boarding school in the same room. I already want to live apart from them, already want to live with other people, communicate and feel like mamma is here, papa, around are adults and not kids from the orphanage.”

Seriozha Korolyov,

Graduate of the boarding school, now is working at Maria's Children:

“Why these trainings are needed? Before I didn’t know kids that well, I knew them by the face of course, but not by names. But on trainings you get to know kids closer. And you know whose name is what and their good and bad qualities, and their problems.”

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