02/2009 Frost and Sun

02/2009 Frost and Sun

On February 7-8 the training for boarding school #80 took place in the country house of Maria Yelisseyeva and Ilya Segalovich. Children enjoyed sleighing, rolling in the snow and making snowmen. 

They played psychological and development games and tried billiards for the first time, cooked dinner and supper together with adults and enjoyed playing with dogs.

Every day everyone was to define the color of his/her spirits and the bright rainbow of our spirits was following us all the day long. Each of us took home a piece of this rainbow. 

We are thankful to Maria and Ilya for their heroic invitation, to Tverskoy municipal council for funding food and other expenses, to Ira Baranova for psychological training, to all volunteers for playing with children, making barbecue, baking, cleaning a skating-rink and pathways, for their efforts to make it a special celebration.

Our special thanks and warm hugs to golden retrievers Sunny and Businka for their cold noses, warm hearts, bushy tails and loud barking.