02/2009 Hamlet, Prince of Sorochany

02/2009 Hamlet, Prince of Sorochany

On February 14 we went to Sorochany with a group of boarding school graduates and volunteers for theatrical psychological training. The program consisted of the show “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” and outdoor activities.

Producing of the show was led by our friend, psychologist Alexander Kolmanovskiy; he is an expert of one-day-production. 

He divided all participants into 5 groups, each group was led by a designated director, and the script and a list of actors were distributed to each group. 

Then the directors started their work and within an hour and a half rehearsals of each part of a show were completed. Then different parts of the show were brought together. Everyone was an actor and at the same time a part of the audience during other scenes. Costumes and minimum sets were hand-made. The show was a great success!

A wonderful training gave an opportunity for self-expression and a team spirit. Thank you very much!

The training was funded by Ilya Segalovich. Our most grateful thanks to him for that!

Photo by Alexandra Dmitrieva