08/2006, PreCamp

08/2006, PreCamp

(Preparation for the Summer Camp)

The camp traditionally begins with an orientation for the teachers and counselors. It is a chance for our global family to reunite and visit with the new volunteers and staff.

Here we arrange the rules of the camp, review the responsibilities of each participant, and draft schedules for master classes and other activities. We also play a lot clown and theatrical games that serve to unite the staff and volunteers as a team.

We have four families in our camp, the Lions, Giraffes, Zebras and Elephants. At the pre-camp training the leaders of each family meet with counselors and volunteers; and prepare for our first activity with our family, the creation of the family flag!

After the orientation we are refreshed and energized by each others company and waiting impatiently to meet the children!

Expenses for seminar are financed by UNICEF and CAF.