Our children

Our children

More than two hundred children from different Moscow orphanages currently study at the Maria’s Children studio. Now you have the opportunity to read about a few of them. But even better - come and pay us a visit.

Vika Schukina

- My name is Vika. I want to become a cynologist. I like dogs, it’s very interesting to treat them, to learn what they can do, what they can eat, which health they have. My dream is to get a Labrador when I graduate from the internate.

Sergey Bunin

My name is Serezha. I want to find a good job and earn more money. I want to become a woodworker. I like felting at the studio, tapestrying, making mosaics. I like walking, traveling, shopping.

Nikita Zolotukhin

- My name is Nikita. I made a piglet in order to perform with it. My piglet likes presenting balloons for everyone. Likes swimming, dreams to become a sailor. Most of all piglet likes to catch people with anchor and save them.