Anatoly Sarkisov

Anatoly Sarkisov

Anatoly Sarkisov or “papa Tolya”,as he was called by the majority of people in our studio, and his wife Vera Ivanovna worked with us for many years teaching our children music.

In everything papa Tolya did (and he had a wide range of responsibilities) he proved himself to be a very reliable, responsible and high-hearted man, a senior mentor always ready to share his experience.

Papa Tolya was a “man” of our studio, calm, reasonable and always ready to defend our children’s interests. He always looked out that everyone got enough attention in the class and during meals.

Papa Tolya was always eager to participate in all project of our studio. He painted en plain air, took part in our plays and clown visits, with great pleasure taught our children to cook and was very enthusiastic in learning Italian.

Here is a short video we made for papa Tolya for his jubilee.

Many graduates and volunteers came to the Sarkisov family seeking for help or an advice.

Papa Tolya and his wife brought up two amazing children – Alexey and Oksana, both became professional musicians.

Anatoly Abramovich passed away on 24 April 2011 after a serious illness. We mourn together with his family.