We welcome volunteers from the “Book Guide”

On 30 November our graduates and staff members welcomed volunteers Dasha and Alisa from the “Book Guide”, organization of professional tutors in reading. We talked about reading, books, favorite literary characters.

Dasha and Alisa told us about writer Daniel Pennac and his Declaration of Rights of the Reader and then each one offered his or her own Declaration. 

Artist Alisa brought a special designer paper, ink and original stamps so our Declarations appeared to be not only interesting but also very picturesque.

For the young people it appeared important to have the right to read aloud or silently, share their impressions of the book with friends, give advice, have his or her own opinion about the book, not to read what’s not interesting, to imitate favorite literary characters, to think up and dream, to read alone, re-read interesting books and not to finish uninteresting ones.

We are grateful to the “Book Guide”, to Dasha and Alisa, and we hope our meetings will become more regular from now on.