Graduates and tutors of the Charitable Foundation PELICAN decided not to part for the New Year holidays but to go together on a journey to the Vladimir region.


Today a group of orphanage graduates and volunteers went to the exhibition of animated paintings of Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel at the ARTPLAY Design Center. The grotesque world of medieval artists seemed to us more exciting than frightening. We even wanted to learn more about secret messages enciphered in canvas of the “titular professor of horrors” Bosch and his successor Bruegel!


In November, December and January children from boarding school №31 and Family Care Assistance Center SPUTNIK, as well as orphanage graduates, had a wonderful opportunity to get familiar with the whole display of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

Company “Lanit” and “Here and Now” Charitable Foundation together with the Pushkin Museum prepared a special programme for kids living in orphanages.


A cartoon about a green elephant was created by the whole studio. Idea and the lyrics belong to Aleksandr Shishov, our old volunteer, friend, poet and musician. The pictures were drawn at the studio art classes by children and adults from different orphanages (see the long list of artists in the titles). Editing, dubbing – everything was done by our students and volunteers. Thank you to everyone who contributed their hands, heads and voices to the project!


On 21-25 February our traditional winter holidays at the Sorochany resort near Moscow took place. 10 children from the Family Care Assistance Center “SPUTNIK” spent with us several days full of sports, games and friendship. Everyone mastered mountain skis or snowboards, but some mastered both.


On 8-15 February, five of our employees and volunteers visited Budva (Motenegro) at the invitation of Magic Yard Gallery and Olesya Kuchai. The artists who worked with this gallery held a series of valuable and interesting masterclasses.


In 2016, the UN announced that the global AIDS epidemic was on the wane. Regretfully, the number of the AIDS-infected people in Russia continues to increase. However, contrary to widespread stereotypes, most Russians are infected through heterosexual contact. Victory over the epidemic can be won with the help of awareness and prevention.


If you connect a standard toaster to the Internet, cybercriminals will attack it 300 times in the very first hours. Nothing personal, only because it went online!


On 5 March, our teacher, Alla Tyagunova, accompanied guys PNI 16 (psycho-neurological institute No. 16) to the village petting zoo at the Lenin State Collective Farm (Sovkhoz Imeni Lenina).


It took Kostya Tumashevich from Filimonkovo orphanage an entire month to prepare a lecture on Arkhip Kuindzhi, an outstanding Russian painter and master of landscapes. It was Maria Eliseeva who told Kostya about that great painter after she noted that his style resembled that of Kuindzhi’s paintings.


Painter Valentina Fattakhova led a workshop on making decorations of epoxy resin. We covered dried flowers and leaves with the resin. According to Valentina, the same technique is applicable to everything. The process looked like magic, and everybody tried to work with the resin themselves.


We raised 13,570 rubles at the charity fundraisers “BashnyaBazar with KPMG” and Business Center “Park Pobedy”. We thank the organizers and contributors!


On 2 April, we spent half a day at the Museum of Russian Impressionism with the young adults of psycho-neurology intitute No. 11.


Isn’t this the best way to celebrate our organization’s 70th anniversary? Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, a legal firm founded on April Fools’ Day in 1948 (here is a link to their site), organized a visit to the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and a lunch for our guys from psycho-neurological indtitute No. 16.


Today, the children from the 31st boarding school visited the house-museum of Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov.


While the children were spending time at the museum today, the adults were fundraising at a charity event at Sberbank on Kutuzovsky Avenue. 


At the invitation of Natalya Cherkasova and the company Lanit, our children from PNI 16 and the Family Care Assistance Center “Sputnik” visited the Music Conservatory; it was the first time for many of them.


Our children’s paintings decorated the city! The exhibition of works made by the students from Maria’s Children opened on the New Arbat. It is free, open around the clock to the delight of all!


On 9 April, our children from PNI 16 went to see the Crocus City Oceanarium. There, we listened to stories about sea creatures and saw various fish, turtles, sharks, stingrays and starfish, as well as an octopus.


On 14 April, our volunteers and representatives of other non-commercial organizations of the Tverskoy District helped to remove leaves in the Antropov garden square. We were lucky to enjoy good weather, but most of all we enjoyed doing good work with friends – it was cheerful and pleasant. Thank you, guys!


On 13 April, a group of our guys from PNI 16 attended the Worldview Cinema Festival at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. The program included short movies and animation cartoons. Everybody appreciated the kind and optimistic spirit of the films.


On 17 April 1997, Maria’s Children obtained its official registration. Every year, on this day we celebrate our birthday. This year, we are 21 years old!


On 16 April, children from PNI 16 went to the Planetarium at Vorobyovy Gory. First, they were invited to the winter garden. There were a lot of tropical plants and a pool with fish. Then we walked through the floors of the Palace of Pioneers and looked at the documentary photographs collected during the 75 years of its existence. The children also visited an exhibition of art studio paintings. They saw ornamental and decorative art works there such as woodcarvings, ceramics, embroidery, and felting art pieces.


Children and teachers from boarding school No 31 visited the Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts located at Delegatskaya Street. 


Young adults from Moscow’s psycho-neurological institute No 16 visited the Museum of Yuri Nikulin at the Circus Art School. 


On 10 May, leisure clubs of the Tverskoy district held a holiday for the residents of “Spring of Victory”, in the square “At the Stone” located at Small Karetny Lane. The fund “Maria’s Children” also took part in the event.


We had amazing guests in our studio today! There were ten children from orphanages of the Kirov and Yaroslavl Regions, aged from five to nine years old. They were invited to come to Moscow by the charitable fund “Here and Now”, they went to a performance at the Obraztsov Puppet Theater, and then they came to us – we are located right behind the theater! Our teachers conducted a lesson for the children.

The kids were very active and curious. At first they looked around, met everyone, asked what we had and why, and then we all drew, painted, got acquainted with clay, and sang songs. When leaving, they said that they liked our place. We dried the paintings with a hairdryer for the children so that they could take their works of art with them.


On 20 May, we celebrated on our favorite annual Ship — the celebration of the end of the school year. The children from orphanages, guys from the psycho-neurology institutes, mothers with children and teachers sailed to the Bay of Joy on the boat where volunteers had already prepared many interesting activities, so everyone could find something to do. The pelting rain that had started in the morning was over by our arrival, then the weather cleared up and everything went well!


Almost all our children and adults love pizza. And, pizza loves us too! Today the guys from psycho-neurologic Dispensary N11 together with volunteers Irina and Vera visited Domino’s Pizza at Serpukhovsky Val.


On 22 May, a charity fair at the Anglo-American School of Moscow was held to celebrate the end of the school year. We collected 11,250 rubles!

Many thanks to the generous participants and hospitable sponsors!


Do you know what is celebrated on 24 May in Moscow? We did not know either, but it turned out to be Neighbor’s Day! Tverskoy district celebrated by arranging a yard festival on 6 Fadeeva Street, and we joined the party.


Planetary alignment in our studio! Students from the geological exploration university, where Ilya Segalovich studied, came to visit guys from psycho-neurology institute No. 11. 


From 1 to 15 June, a free city art camp for children from nearby districts was held in the studio at Delegatskaya Street. Thirty children took part in this art camp.


On 4 June, people from psycho-neurology intitute No. 11, and on 8 June, guys from psycho-neurology institute No. 16 attended an amber exhibition at the Arts and Crafts Museum on Delegatskaya Street. 


Today, a charity fair was held at the office of the company RusHydro at Malaya Dmitrovka Street.

We raised 19,000 rubles. Thank you, dear employees of the company! In addition to the crafts made by our children, for the first time at the fair we offered designer jewelry made and donated to us by Russian-speaking artists living in Montenegro. The jewelry was a success, thank you!


"Winter evening in Moscow"

The jury of the III International Festival-Contest of Fine Art "The Globe to Children" awarded diplomas of laureates of the first and second degrees to the works of our children "Skating rink on Red Square" (collective felted panel) and "Winter evening in Moscow" (collective picture).



On 13 June 2o18, we held our special day in Lavka Radostey charity shop (the Shop of Joy) located at Tsvetnoy Boulevard (at 7 Maly Sukharevsky Pereulok). On that day, we received RUB 31,750. We would like to thank everyone who brought in various things to the shop (those items that you do not need anymore, but that are in good condition and can be used by other people). We thank the buyers. We thank Natalya, the shop assistant. All the collected money will be spent on financing the summer camp program.


Today, district recreational clubs staged a courtyard performance to celebrate the opening of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


Every year, the international company AbbVie holds a week of volunteer opportunities. For the fourth time, the Moscow branch of the company ran a culinary workshop. This time, young people from two psycho-neurological boarding schools participated in this workshop.


In winter, trees suffer from bark splitting which is caused by frost. These frost cracks can be fatal for trees, so gardeners try to prevent and cure them. In Kuskovo, they combined curing with decorating trees.


Our great volunteers Irina and Vera invited the mentees of psycho-neurological residential institution (PNI) No.16 to have a walk around the city, for example, to visit Gorky Park or Red Square. The people from the PNI are adults, but for many of them it was their first experience of using public transportation. They became familiar with the places that every citizen of Moscow knows from childhood.


Today, the children from the 16th psycho-neurological foster house at Kuzminki Park visited the stables, got acquainted with the horses, got to stroke them (the blind visitor Andrey was especially delighted with this opportunity), and then made origami paper horses at the masterclass.


Today, the guys from the 16th psycho-neurological foster home went on an excursion to the Museum of Chocolate at the Babaev factory.


Our favorite traditional summer camp was held from 14 to 28 July. Children from an orphanage in Philimonki village and an orphanage in Mozdok (North Ossetia) visited “our family”. We were joined by children from Moscow-based psycho-neurological facilities and from an Armenian charity organization called “Warm fireplace”. We also welcomed volunteers from Moscow, Beslan, the USA, Denmark and Mexico!


After 21 years of work, our mini-school will no longer have its premises. One of these days, we are set to become homeless, unless a miracle happens or supreme forces interfere, or justice finally wins.


On 8-9 September, as per tradition for City Day, the festival “Kind Moscow” will be held on Tsvetnoy Bulvar. The organizers have chosen us to participate, and we are happy and grateful! The festival includes a charity market, a concert, a race and master classes held on 8 September from 12:00 to 22:00, and on 9 September from 14:00 to 20:00. We invite everybody!


We started a new creative academic year. We invited residents of the Tverskoy District of Moscow and residents of other districts to take part in our artistic creativity lessons. All lessons are free of charge. We are happy to welcome children who are older than five years of age. Our teachers will give lessons on drawing, painting, pottery, felting, and other arts and crafts.

We can provide you with more details by phone (8 495 692 48 70) on workdays from 12:00 to 19:00. During this time, you can come to our office, get acquainted and register your child.


Yesterday, we had a Dutch evening in our studio at Dmitrovka.


On 8 September 2018, the Department of Culture of the Moscow government held its traditional Kind Moscow Charity Festival at Tsvetnoy Boulevard. We gladly supported the tradition and participated in this event.


In early April, Maria’s Children made a traditional trip to Beslan. While traveling in North Ossetia this year we discovered many new places and found new friends


Today, Yandex held its sixth annual traditional Children’s Day. This event is dedicated to the memory of Ilya Segalovich.


On 1 November 2018, we had guests from the Mama Gamma duet – Galina Voynichenko (soprano) and Maya Andreyevskaya (piano) – who attended classes held for a group of children from Boarding School No. 31. Galina and Maya sang several cheerful and melodic songs. The children had an opportunity to join in and sing along when the last piece was delivered. The performance lifted the spirits of those present.


On 6-20 November 2018, the Arts Center of Maria’s Children and Pelican Charity Foundation held the Planet of Children exhibition at the Central House of Artists.

Paintings, ceramics and decorative art pieces were on display.

KrymskyVal, 10, Hall 13