Home Christmas Tree

On24 December we held a New Year party for kids from the neighborhood and also for children and grandchildren of our staff members and volunteers. This time we welcomed actors from the Arts Center “Sreda” with their “Travelling Theatre” programme.

During the performance “Home Christmas Tree” children and their parents learnt how the New Year and Christmas is celebrated in different countries. It appeared that almost everywhere people dress a fir tree and get presents. But the present givers are different – in some countries it is Father Frost or Santa Claus, in other countries it may be a Fairy or a Dwarf.. There is even a Christmas Goat! Each country has its own tradition.

Actors presented their stories to the guests in such a manner that everyone could participate in them. Both children and adults were impressed by the performance and enjoyed it very much!

Our great Thank You to actors Polina Struzhkova, Nadezda Lumpova, Alexander Orav and their director Tatyana Lukyanova!