Enamel in Rostov

On 12-13 June a group of orphanage graduates, PELICAN staff members and volunteers went on a journey to Rostov Veliky to master a rare art technique of vitreous enamel under the guidance of an extraordinarily talented person – Russian artist Mikhail Selishchev.

The whole day we spent in Mikhail’s studio, trying to penetrate into the secrets of the craft.

We invented images and transferred them to previously cleaned, polished and fired in a kiln copper plates; then we applied a layer of enamel to them and fired in the kiln again.

Such a work requires attentiveness, diligence and total immersion. 

This process is so captivating and you don’t even notice how the time runs because with every new layer of enamel and every next firing of the object the image fantastically changes its color and form.

We are very much grateful to our arts teacher Vika Basina for acquaintance with her friend Mikhail Selishchev, at whose studio we spent an unforgettable time!

Thank you, Mikhail, for your inspiring master class!

Our first chef d’oeuvres.

Now we dream to launch a new creative trend at our studio.