A Musical Fairytale as a Present

There is a tradition to give presents on the New Year eve. Presents can be unusual, for example… a beautiful music! On the 17th of December by the invitation of Oleg Germanovich Smirnov, Honoured artist of Russia, director of the state quartet named after Mikhail Glinka, a group from Autonomous non-profit organization “Deti (Children)" – kids undergoing rehabilitation after oncohaemotologic diseases and their parents – went to a wonderful concert at the Teacher’s House.

“From all our hearts we say Thank You for the miraculous music and positive emotions!”. “Such a beautiful performance! Thank you for the opportunity to attend it!” – the parents send us their feedback.

Children’s immune system is usually suppressed after illness and so they can not attend mass events, but such a chamber format allowed them to enjoy the musical fairy tale! Our warmest gratitude to Oleg Germanovich Smirnov and all the musicians!