Self-portraits with photographer Sasha Sicurella

In the very beginning of February our graduates had a lucky chance to attend an unusual master-class of a professional photographer from New York Sasha Sicurella. She had already held similar master-classes in nineteen countries all over the world in the framework of her “I AM” art and photography project

On the first day Sasha got to know the young people, told them about her project and the idea of the master-class. The next day she brought her professional equipment and all those wishing could take part in the photo-session. 

Then everyone chose the portrait that he or she liked most, Sasha printed them on a large-size paper, after which the most interesting thing started – painting a self-portrait on the basis of a photo. 

That’s when everyone’s talents and individualities were revealed! 

The outcome was – dozens of bright portraits, dissimilar and beautiful, each in their own way. 

There also one important thing happened: suddenly we could see, understand and feel something new in our old friends and ourselves! These three evenings were really unforgettable! Sasha, thank you so very much!