We are 20!

On 15 of April, Saturday, we celebrated 20th Anniversary of Maria’s Children Art Center on the “Bryusov Ship”.

Song about a “funny man” is our studio’s hymn

Kids from all the orphanages we support, orphanage graduates, volunteers, former and present staff members, donors, partners gathered together at this homey party.

The event was opened by the Family Care Assistance Center “Sputnik” wind band directed by Igor Naumovich Greengouse, with whom we have been friends almost all these 20 years.

The children brought their “presents” – dances,

Charleston by children from Filimonki

Children from orphanage “Doverie” with an original “Waiters’ dance”

Children from orphanage “Yunona” and their “Shaman’s dance”


Marina from Filimonki sings a song about a children’s drawing

Valera from the FCAC “Sputnik” with a Happy Birthday song


Young people from the psychoneurological institution N16 drew a picture of a Guardian Angel as a present to the studio

Rosinter Restaurants treated us deliciously and generously as usual.

Look how tall the children grow if you feed them well!

Thank you to Rosinter for the fantastic meal!

There was also an exhibition of collective pictures of different years,

all-prize charitable lottery, 

a performance by illusionist,

our dear clown Guillaume tamed his unicycle, we enjoyed a chocolate fountain and a huge cake! Thanks to everyone, it was so wonderful and heart-warming!