Our Students at Manege

On 25 April a group of young people from the psychoneurological institution N16 attended an exhibition of Sergey Andriaka Watercolour School at the Central Manege.

Before that we had a light stroll along the Stone Bridge and Aleksandrovsky Garden, took photo near the monument to the Grand Prince Vladimir on Borovitskaya square. The day was warm and sunny, the same was everyone’s mood.

During the tour around the exhibition the young people got acquainted with different art techniques.

Moreover, everyone could feel himself a real artist while painting on an easel during a master-class held especially for them by the organizers.

Visually challenged Andrey Saveliev investigates the picture by touch.

Thank you to Valentina Mironova for arranging the event, to our artists and volunteers for accompanying the young people during this unforgettable journey.