At the Zoo

On 26 July a group of people from the psychoneurological institution N16 visited the Moscow Zoo.

There they could watch such animals as white tiger, lynx eating its prey, giraffe, elephant and even fur seal, as well as noble eagles,crowned cranes and flamingos.

But most of all everyone was fascinated by goats from the contact-zoo. They approached the visitors with pleasure and asked to pat them. The sheep were more difficult to touch as they were less domesticated, but we tried our best!

Vasya made friends with an African goat and Masha managed to tame a timid lamb, while many of the group were lucky to caress a cockl. Visually impaired Andrey was also deeply involved in the process of interaction with the Zoo inhabitants – he touched them with great interest and also investigated sculptures of animals with his hands. Thank you very much, our dear volunteers, for accompanying the group!