Visiting the Planetarium

On 16 April, children from PNI 16 went to the Planetarium at Vorobyovy Gory. First, they were invited to the winter garden. There were a lot of tropical plants and a pool with fish. Then we walked through the floors of the Palace of Pioneers and looked at the documentary photographs collected during the 75 years of its existence. The children also visited an exhibition of art studio paintings. They saw ornamental and decorative art works there such as woodcarvings, ceramics, embroidery, and felting art pieces.

Of course, we reached the purpose of our trip – the Planetarium: we saw the sky full of stars, watched a film about stars and planets, and listened to an interesting story about Yuri Gagarin, the first cosmonaut.

Many thanks to our advisor Alla Tyagunova, volunteer Ira Chernenkaya, driver Yury Korotkov and to the entire staff of the Palace of Pioneers. The children expanded their horizons beyond space!