"The Globe to Children"

"Winter evening in Moscow"

The jury of the III International Festival-Contest of Fine Art "The Globe to Children" awarded diplomas of laureates of the first and second degrees to the works of our children "Skating rink on Red Square" (collective felted panel) and "Winter evening in Moscow" (collective picture).


"Skating rink on Red Square"

On 29 June, we were invited to the award ceremony at Zurab Tsereteli’s Yabloko Gallery. The winners from the 16th psycho-neurological foster home went to receive the prizes with the artist Natasha Pushkina.

In addition to a diploma for collective panels, the winners also received a huge drawing set for each of them and a large box of chocolates. After the ceremony, there was a tour around the gallery, where the children saw the work of Tsereteli and other artists, and one of the children, visually impaired Andrey, was allowed to get acquainted with the works of art through touch.

We are very grateful!