Chocolate Museum at the Babaev factory

Today, the guys from the 16th psycho-neurological foster home went on an excursion to the Museum of Chocolate at the Babaev factory.

Irina Chernenkaya, 


“The children heard about where chocolate was brought from to Europe, how the Indians drank a drink called ‘Chocolata’ – they prepared it with pepper and honey, rubbing and whipping the beans, and the drink was supposed to foam. They learned how chocolate, cocoa powder and butter are made from cocoa beans and what kinds of chocolate exist. They became acquainted with the history of the first chocolate making factories in Russia and made a waffle-chocolate treat themselves!

The children were shown pictures of the jungle where cocoa grows. If you hold your hand next to the image of an animal on the picture, it makes a sound. The jaguar was especially popular. The roar was loud, menacing and impressive. It was like a huge cat was jumping on us!"