We Became Pizzamakers!

Today a group of young people from the psychoneurological institution №16 visited our old friends at the Marriott Arbat Hotel. Both guys and staff members of the Marriott’s restaurant were very glad to see each other. This time we experienced what it is to be a pizzamaker.

First, the senior chef Pavel showed us how to roll out the dough, then everyone made his own pizza base (experience of handling with clay helped!) and stuffed it with what he preferred. The guys saw a special pizza oven and learnt how to cut pizza properly. After they tried their own pizzas they decided to bake some more – for their friends from the psychoneurological institution who were not able to come.

But baking pizzas was only the beginning of the long and emotional party with delicious treats and heartwarming talks. The young people shared their news, photos and made funny selfies with great pleasure! In the end all the guests were given presents and we said good-bye to each other till next time! Thank you to all the staff members of the restaurant and volunteers (this story was provided by our volunteer Irina Chernenkaya. Thank you, Ira!)