A short film documenting the annual Clown Trip to Russia, led by Patch Adams in November 2015. Created by: Asya Segalovich, Sofia-Zlata Shestakovskaya, Mariia Vereshchak, Joe Worthington


On 17 February Maria’s Children and a group of kids from boarding school №31 visited a contact zoo “The Forest Embassy”, a special place where one can not only watch interesting animals but also to approach them very closely and even touch them as all the animals are domesticated, calm and friendly.


Today, in addition to our regular art lessons, we had a culinary master-class which was held by a volunteer group from InterNations Community. In the beginning we created various sweet buns and then altogether degusted the result with great pleasure. Imagine the smell that filled the studio! Besides, the tea that we drank was also unusual – it was grown on intact banks of the Western Lake and has a thousand-years history. One of our today’s guest brought it straight from China. Both children and grown ups enjoyed everything very much - the process and the result, and everyone was glad to get acquainted. Thank you, dear InterNations volunteers, we are always glad to have such guests!


Today the Moscow Conservatory graduates Dasha Popras and Nastya Larionova paid a musical visit to our children. Dasha dropped in several times before with sweets but this time she brought her instrument – contrabass (surely, our piano is always ready to join in. The young girls performed rare and beautiful music by Schubert, Gliere, Saint-Saens. Some children even practiced a little bit to sound the instruments. It was wonderful, unusual and inspiring. Thank you, Dasha and Nastya!