On the 17th of May our old friends from Germany - artists Nina Geling and Ekkahart Bouchon visited our studio with the aim to hold an unusual art event with the group from psychoneurological institution №16. Nina and Ekkahart brought their “variabili”, as they call it.


On the 19th of May six people from the psychoneurological institution №16 sailed on a cruising yacht along the Moskva-river, thanks to our wonderful new volunteer Irina.


On the 22nd of May, as every year, we sailed on the Ship of our Hopes. Children from all the orphanages and children’s homes we cooperate with, spent an unforgettable day together.


On the 25thof May a group of young people from the psychoneurological institution №11,their arts teacher Anna Andreeva, volunteers Larisa and Irina visited the historic fine arts museum - natural reserve of Vassily Dmitrievich Polenov in the Tula region.