If you connect a standard toaster to the Internet, cybercriminals will attack it 300 times in the very first hours. Nothing personal, only because it went online!


On 5 March, our teacher, Alla Tyagunova, accompanied guys PNI 16 (psycho-neurological institute No. 16) to the village petting zoo at the Lenin State Collective Farm (Sovkhoz Imeni Lenina).


It took Kostya Tumashevich from Filimonkovo orphanage an entire month to prepare a lecture on Arkhip Kuindzhi, an outstanding Russian painter and master of landscapes. It was Maria Eliseeva who told Kostya about that great painter after she noted that his style resembled that of Kuindzhi’s paintings.


Painter Valentina Fattakhova led a workshop on making decorations of epoxy resin. We covered dried flowers and leaves with the resin. According to Valentina, the same technique is applicable to everything. The process looked like magic, and everybody tried to work with the resin themselves.


We raised 13,570 rubles at the charity fundraisers “BashnyaBazar with KPMG” and Business Center “Park Pobedy”. We thank the organizers and contributors!