On 10 May, leisure clubs of the Tverskoy district held a holiday for the residents of “Spring of Victory”, in the square “At the Stone” located at Small Karetny Lane. The fund “Maria’s Children” also took part in the event.


We had amazing guests in our studio today! There were ten children from orphanages of the Kirov and Yaroslavl Regions, aged from five to nine years old. They were invited to come to Moscow by the charitable fund “Here and Now”, they went to a performance at the Obraztsov Puppet Theater, and then they came to us – we are located right behind the theater! Our teachers conducted a lesson for the children.

The kids were very active and curious. At first they looked around, met everyone, asked what we had and why, and then we all drew, painted, got acquainted with clay, and sang songs. When leaving, they said that they liked our place. We dried the paintings with a hairdryer for the children so that they could take their works of art with them.


On 20 May, we celebrated on our favorite annual Ship — the celebration of the end of the school year. The children from orphanages, guys from the psycho-neurology institutes, mothers with children and teachers sailed to the Bay of Joy on the boat where volunteers had already prepared many interesting activities, so everyone could find something to do. The pelting rain that had started in the morning was over by our arrival, then the weather cleared up and everything went well!


Almost all our children and adults love pizza. And, pizza loves us too! Today the guys from psycho-neurologic Dispensary N11 together with volunteers Irina and Vera visited Domino’s Pizza at Serpukhovsky Val.


On 22 May, a charity fair at the Anglo-American School of Moscow was held to celebrate the end of the school year. We collected 11,250 rubles!

Many thanks to the generous participants and hospitable sponsors!


Do you know what is celebrated on 24 May in Moscow? We did not know either, but it turned out to be Neighbor’s Day! Tverskoy district celebrated by arranging a yard festival on 6 Fadeeva Street, and we joined the party.